You Only Need YOU to Survive

Brittian is Mental

“Welp hi there Bartholomew. I missed you this morning. We had pancakes.”

Bartholomew was my first true friend. He’s been absolutely everywhere with me since I was at least five years old, probably before as well. But this is the first time I vividly remember speaking to my first favorite. My only best friend at the time.

Now, Bartholomew, came in all different shapes and sizes, but for some odd reason the only image I remember of my dear best friend is when I was a little girl. He being identical, and I mean identical to Gaston from Beauty and The Beast.

If you have no idea who this Gaston might be, he is considered the poster boy for a typical douche of a man and the true definition of a Narcissistic asshole.

And of course, Gaston’s appearance was charming, attractive, and confident. A look that’s hard to ignore.


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