A Complicated Relationship

Pointless Overthinking

a complicated relationship

By Troy Headrick

This is the story of my complicated relationship with money and how such a relationship came to be.  In the telling of this story, I’ll need to explore the nature of fear and how our parents’ fears end up shaping our own inner psychological landscapes.

Before becoming an adult and leaving home, I lived with a father who was perpetually terrified that some financial crisis might befall the family.  He worried about our bills and whether or not we had the funds to pay them.  Because we lived in a rural setting, he fretted that our water well would go out or that some large appliance, like our hot water heater, would suddenly quit working and he’d have to replace it.  As a result of these worries, he would secretly creep around the house turning down the thermostat in the dead of winter or he’d stand for…

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